Cashmere Story

02 / 07 / 2015

Cashmere goats roam the high dry plateaus of inner Mongolia which is one of the most inhabitable region in the world. It’s these harsh conditions which require the goats to produce a warm coat to protect itself from the elements.

Cashmere is the most luxurious fibres in the world and is collected in three base colours Brown, grey and white. The white hair is painstakingly removed by hand and this is the hair used in a Monaghans Cashmere sweater.

The fibre is the shipped to Scotland where it is cleaned of dust and any foreign particular and then washed in pure clean Scottish water.

Cashmere consists of an outer heavier layer known as the “guard” this protects the inner layer the “Duvet” which is luxuriously soft and warm. It’s this inner Duvet which is found on the goat neck and under belly which is spun and dyed to produce a beautiful Scottish cashmere sweater.

In the 19th century a Scot called Joseph Dawson invented a machine which could separate the fine hair as to allow it to be spun on combs which could then be knitted into beautiful sweater. This was the beginning of the world famous Scottish cashmere industry, and Monaghans have sourced 90% of their Cashmere from the Scottish boarders since 1960.

Tradition and quality has been Monaghan’s ethos since the very beginning hence every Cashmere from Monaghans has been crafted by hundreds of years of experience and know how , combined with the very latest fashion to make a Monaghans sweater something to cherish.

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