A Story of Comfort, Connection and A Cushion!

A Story of Comfort, Connection and A Cushion!

Thanks to its wonderful quality, this is a story of my cherished cushion, which was repurposed from some of my mother's cashmere cardigans. It’s a lovely example of the enduring nature of both relationships and materials. 


Each thread of yarn on this cardigan carries not just warmth, but finds memories of her love, strength and support. Her memory found a new form of being in the repurposed cushions. The fact that her cashmere cardi was high quality allowed us, her children and Dad to hold onto a tangible piece of her life, here, with us. 


Daily life is full of hustle and bustle and can be exhausting at times, so there's a special chair in my house, a chair Mom loved that has now become a seat of emotional comfort for me. It’s a chair I like to think is imbedded with my mother's essence and there, is where, Mom’s cushion sits. Theres a faint smell of her Chanel No 5 still there, that gives me a sense of calm and comfort, a soothing connection to her. 


This little space is a retreat for me, a calm in the midst of life's dramas, reminding me that while life may change, the connections we gather and the memories we hold dear remain constant sources of comfort and strength. 


The purpose of this story is hopefully to inspire you to repurpose your beloved pieces. Whether it's to honor the past or give new life to pieces you no longer wear, be creative, there's magic in reinvention!


If you’ve repurposed your pieces please share your stories of transformation, and let our memories live on through what we create 💙


- Suzie Monaghan