What Sets Us Apart

It’s Easy to Forget Where our Clothes Come From

Whilst we all know Cashmere is a luxury item, we also know a Cashmere label does not necessarily equal a quality garment!

For us, over the past 62 years of working with cashmere, we have found the highest quality is manufactured in Scotland and Italy. We are very often contacted by manufacturers worldwide who would like to produce for us but after careful research and examination, we have not found anything of better or equal quality to date.


We have built our reputation on quality and service and are extremely grateful to our customers who have spread our story worldwide. Monaghans Cashmere has long-standing relationships with our manufacturers and we work tirelessly together to ensure high standards across all areas of production from land to retail.

When you purchase from Monaghans, you can do so with the knowledge and comfort that you're buying a quality piece, from a retailer with extensive experience with its products, supply chain, and manufacturing processes.


At Monaghan's, our love for all things cashmere is immeasurable. It is our ethos to provide quality cashmere that stands the test of time and we will never compromise on this. Cashmere is in our DNA, we adore our products and hope you will too.

Many thanks for your continued support.